Traditional Indian medicine includes a 5000-year-old background and has been utilized by millions, while medicine is just 150 years of age.

Although traditional medicinal practises cannot replace medicine so far as diagnosis, analysis and emergency care are worried, certain ‘alternative’ systems which concentrate on all around health, have proven outstanding and quick results even just in chronic illnesses like diabetes, leucoderma, cancer in addition to difficult to cure illnesses like joint disease, bronchial asthma as well as AIDS.

Until lately, traditional medical systems were considered obscure, esoteric and shrouded in mysticism. However the healing ways of the East are not only seen gaining acceptance not only as a substitute type of treatment, but they are also being built-into mainstream healthcare as complementary systems.


Ayurveda, literally meaning the science of existence, is aimed at healing the person in general, rather of just in the molecular level. This ancient healing system is dependant on the idea that everything consists of panchamahabhutas, or even the five fundamental elements (akaash, jal, vayu, agni, dharti). The primary supply of our understanding of Ayurveda may be the Atharva Veda, which goes back close to 1200 BC.


The fundamental concepts and doctrines of Siddha act like individuals of Ayurveda. The body is recognized as a conglomeration of three humors, seven body tissues and waste material. Proper consistency of those constituents in your body ensures a healthy body.


The Unani system of drugs originated from A holiday in greece during 460-377 BC, and it was introduced to India through the Arabs and Persians. Unani medicine is dependant on the ‘humoral theory’ (associated with four body fluids) with every humor resulting in a particular temperament in a person. The Unani system utilizes plants, minerals and animal products as curative agents to re-establish the individual’s original humoral metabolic rate.


Popularly known as the drug-less management of illnesses, Naturopathy is dependant on the concept of using the simple laws and regulations of nature for stopping illnesses. Its smart particular focus on balanced nutritional and living habits, adopting purificatory measures, and taking advantage of natural techniques for example hydrotherapy, cold packs, dirt packs, baths (water, oil & sun), massage, etc.


Aspects of yoga happen to be utilized in traditional Indian medicine for centuries, though yoga therapy in the present form is really a mere eighty years old – produced through the marriage of traditional yoga with medicine. Yogic therapy comprises an array of mind/body practices, varying from postural and breathing exercises to deep relaxation and meditation for promoting positive health insurance and well-being in addition to helping particular health conditions.


Homeopathy lays focus on strengthening the defense mechanisms and curing as with like. Homeopathy today enjoys wide acceptability, both here and abroad, due to its holistic and intrinsic values, the reduced price of medication along with easy administration and lack of toxic negative effects. A sign of their recognition is based on the truth that the very best homeopathic medicines are produced by German and American companies. In India you will find over 1.5 lakh qualified homeopaths.

Tibetan Medicine

This ancient system of drugs recognises three types of energy in your body — flame, wind and bile. An imbalance of those powers in almost any organ results in illness. Natural within the medicinal tradition is using precious pills made from herbs along with other natural substances and prescribed based on the calendar.


Reiki practitioners believe that we’re born having a certain degree of energy, which will get depleted through our day to day activities. When the energy runs out for a price quicker than it may be replenished, it results in sickness. Reiki tries to boost the overall energy stores from the body by activating the seven chakras.


Chiropracty is really a 5000-year-old non-invasive, non-surgical method for managing ortho-neuro-skeletal disorders, problems from the spine along with other chronic disorders by restoring normal body function. Circumventing surgery (generally) cuts lower recovery cost and time of treatment virtually by half. Chiropracty is very famous countries like USA, United kingdom, Australia and Germany.

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